200 kg load cabinet plate

Standing network racks are a essential element for most telecommunications facilities currently. From fiber optic cabling, structured cabling systems, closed circuit television and security, through public address systems and distributed audio and all kinds of audio-visual systems.

Sometimes it is necessary to hold heavy items inside as servers like UPS or others which are not 19″ rack built-in. In these cases the front mounting shelfs or even conventional 4 points of support shelfs are not strong enough. To solve this problem Keynet has developed a new shelf that rests on the base of the rack itself which supports a load of up to 200kgs. The robustness of this shelf along with basic load of 850kgs for our basic FR4 type cabinets provides a good solution for systems with batteries or any othe heavy items in basic and economical standing network racks. Product reference: FR4-200K-66N. It can be mounted in any rack type FR4 of dimmensions 600×600. Special sizes made under demand.

Keynet also offers a range of shelfs with front mounting (2U) or four attachment points at different depths for different models of rack accessories that allow accommodate small items up to 80kgs.

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