Wall box FTTh FDO-3016-2PS-1SA / 2SA


The FDO-3016-2PS is a very functional wall/pole box for splicing, segregation and distribution uses in FTTh networks. It has been designed under a modular concept. It is available with 2 different of inner plates which allow to use adaptors or splitters. Its has capacity for 16 SC adaptors or 2 splitter cassettes of 1×8. Thus 2 new models FDO-3016-2PS-1SA (1 splitter 1×8 SC/APC) and FDO-3016-2PS-2SA (2 splitters 1×8 SC/APC) arise.

This innovation extends the versatility of the basic model for new uses. The box keeps its standard characteristics like 2 mid-span main ports till 16mm diameter for looping of cable, 16 ports for drop fibers till 4mm diameter and fiber splicing tray for 24 splices and all in a IP65 closure.

The box includes all necessary accesories for a proper installation, manual and template for wall mounting.








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