Disposable ferrule cleaner ATC-NE-EZ*


Keynet has a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products for optical connectors and adaptors. Some of those products are manufactured by NTT, a renowned japanese brand.

This time we want to highlight the ferrule cleaner ATC-NE-EZ* for LC, SC and FC. It’s a disposable cleaner which allows more than 400 uses. It’s a versatile cleaner with different purposes.

Firstly, when removing the small cap, it allows to clean the ferrule of the connector before its connection in the adaptor or device.

When removing the cover of the cleaner, the proper nozzle is exposed to clean the connector into its adaptor. This facilitates maintenance by avoiding unnecessary handling.

Finally, it is possible to attach the cover to the back of the cleaner extending the full length of the cleaner. This allows to access to certain places that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.



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