Drop fiber pigtial with double jacket 4mm for outdoor F551-SA-4PN-**

Keynet launches a new range of drop pigtails for outdoor use which are specially suitable for FTTh installations.

The range of pigtailsF551-SA-4PN*** are built with double layer of aramids and jacket. The inner jacket is made of LSZH-FR ivory color and 2mm diameter which is very convenient for indoor home installation. The outer jacket is made of PE-FR black color and 4mm diameter.

The thickness and material of the outer jacket provides much greater resistance that allows even make small self-supported aerial installations.

At the end of the connectorized pigtail which is introduced into the box there are 20cms of bared inner jacket. If the installer needs more lenght of outer jacket it can be easily got by stripping outer jacket with the ripcord. At the opposite end, the outer jacket can also be easily removed using same ripcord.

The pigtail is made with core Fujikura® G657A2 SM fiber. It is sold in plastic reels very useful for storage and de-coiling at installation. Standard lenghts are 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120mts. Other lenghts please ask.


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