FTB-1050 and TF-LSAF60-Y015 set

The user terminal box FTB-1050 and the patch cord TF-LSAF60-Y015 form a group that provides extra security and strength in the task of registering new fiber optics subscribers.

The FTB-1050 is the terminal box chosen by many installers because it has a great aesthetic finish and an extra slim design. But the main advantage is that the SC adapter remains protected and inaccessible to the user inside the box. On the other hand, it incorporates clips to hold the cable reserves inside and prevent it from being teared out.

The TF-LSAF60-Y015 patch cord is the perfect complement to this box. With an outside diameter of only 3 mm has inside super-flexible armor steel that gives great resistance against all kinds of accidental attacks.



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