Fymca has obtained the utility model for SafeTrack

safetrackFymca is pleased to report that it has obtained the Certificate of Utility Model No. 201530560 for SafeTrack cased pre-connectorized cable solution. SafeTrack protects and facilitates pre-connectorized tubing cables. It can be mounted on any type of cable, but is particularly suitable for drop cables fiber optic installations ICT2 since its cased behaves more risk of damage and breakage than other cables. SafeTrack can safely intubate long distances, radii of curvature exceeding 7 cm. with maximum protection for the fiber and connectors. The tensile strength exceeding 500N is.

SafeTrack was developed in 2014 with products from our manufacturer Keynet and since then have provided thousands of hoses pre-connectorized with excellent results both for the protection provided by the cable and connectors, such as the speed of execution for the installer avoiding many problems and saving time and money.



The product is both pigtail or patchcord format as hose in different lengths on demand installer. Also it supplied with terminal box mounted on one end.

The presentation with individually packaged rosette prevents the entry of dust to final installation. The set is presented in a cardboard drawer for easy storage.
We invite you to learn more about the SafeTrack, the original product, through Keynet-Systems or request data sheet in the direction fymca@fymca.com


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