Integrated V-groove FAOC

Keynet introduce an important technological innovation in one of its toolless connectors. It consists of the construction of the alignment (V-groove) with a special raw material that apart from other advantages it allows to insert the 900μm unjacketed fiber.

The ussual construction of this type of connector consists of two parts: one is the conical guide that allows to insert the fiber across the fiber guide which aligns itself with inserted connector. Typically these 2 parts are made of different materials. The great innovation is that whole parts are manufactured in single piece of ULTEM©. This material greatly improves mechanical properties such as tensile strength and temperature versus another usual materials like PC.


Laboratory tests have also shown that the junction between different materials is more sensitive to wear and stress versus components made of one single piece of ULTEM ©.

Besides the obvious advantages representing the above, it should be added as an advantage for the installer the ability to insert into the connector the 900μm coating and not the buffer 250μm as usual in other types of connectors: This gives greater security to the installer when connecting and makes more easy his work, it also provides better mechanical strength to the connector assembly.


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