Optic fiber cleaners ATC-NE-R2 & 34155FY

limpiador-cassetteAs is well known by the installer cleanliness is a critical aspect to take care when working with fiber optics. Not always the best environmental circumstances arise for splicing works or connecting the different elements that comprise a fiber optic installation, so it is necessary to utmost care when handling these items. Two of the basic elements for cleaning that each installer should have are the cleaning cartridge and dry wipes.

The cassette cleaner ATC-NE-R2 is a key product for tasks of installation and cleaning of fiber optic connectors. Its proper use ensures cleaning of the surface of the ferrule, greatly reducing the attenuation produced in the connectors and connection issues arising therefrom.

To ensure maximum cleanliness should slide the connector cleaner keeping the surface inclination of the connector itself. Several passes must be performed varying the rotation of the connector relative to the surface cleaner.

The ATC-EN-R2 is a disposable cartridge that ensures more than 400 uses with exceptional value.

For their part, wipes are an essential element in certain tasks such as fiber preparation for splicing. Whether used with or without isopropyl alcohol, there is no better and easier way to remove remaining fiber wastes before cutting a cleaver and merge. The Keynet wipes ensure perfect cleaning because they don’t detach any lint or strands like other materials do. Such wastes may produce unwanted effects because they generate more dirt that should be cleaned, this ends triggering fusion errors causing serious loss of time and money.


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