SafeTrack cable cased

Keynet presents the SafeTrack solution for cased pre-connectorized cables. SafeTrack can be mounted on any type of cable but is particularly suitable for optical fiber cables inside. The client receives the connectorized hose at both ends, one of which is protected with SafeTrack solution. This end display connectors with 0.9mm cable distance requested by the protected by a nylon mesh SUPERSLIDE client and tip for the guide fixing grommets. SafeTrack can safely intubate long distances and radii of curvature exceeding 7 cm. Maximum protection for the fiber and connectors. The tensile strength exceeding 500N is. These hoses can also be supplied with terminal box and 2 fiber optic adapters.

Radio curvatura SafeTrack
Radio de curvatura Kit Latiguillo con Sistema SafeTrack

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