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  • Optical fiber

    Optical fiber

    Keynet supplies a wide scope of products for optical fiber installations in buildings and telecom networks. Our scope includes fiber cables, pigtails, patchcords, splicing and distribution trays, connectors, adaptors, wall boxes, FTTh boxes, splittes, taps and much more.... Also you can see in this web our consumables, tools and instruments for fiber. Keynet products are very cost effective ones which meet industry standards

  •  Structured cabling networks

    Structured cabling networks

    Keynet supplies a wide scope of productos for structured cabling networks. Our scope includes lan cables, patchcords, couplers and much more. We can see accesories, tools and instruments in this catalog. Keynet products are very cost effective ones which meet industry standards.

  • Cat3 Telephony

    Cat3 Telephony

    Main products are telephony multipairs and cables, modules and accesories. These products are mainly focused for installations in residential buildings.

  • Switches and converters

    Switches and converters

    Scope of products of Repotec brand which includes switches, SFP modules, media-converters and wireless devices. Repotec is a world leader manufacturer of professional switches who produce a wide scope of them. Please ask for other Repotec products which are not included in our web

  • Racks


    "Keynet supplies standing and wall cabinets 19"" of high quality and a large variety of models of several dimmensions and perfomances. Rack cabinets are perfect solution to install under some housing active and pasive IT equipments with a high level of interconnectivity and power distribution among them and optimal level of organization, protection and security "

  • Data Center fibre cable tray

    Data Center fibre cable tray

    The Keynet cable riser is designed to protect and route fiber optical cable and patchcords among racks, ODF and other devides. All its parts are designed to meet the bending radius protection of the industry standards. The Keynet fiber raceway provides a large number of sizes and accesories to meet all needs with an elegant appearance and easy maintenance. Raw materials used are ABS and PVC which also meet quality and safety industry standards.

  • ODFK


  • Optical fiber consumables/Cleaning

    Optical fiber consumables/Cleaning

    Our wide scope of optical fiber consumibles gives you the best solution for cleaning and maintenance of connectors and adaptors. We supply the right product for each need and connector type. Please ask for cleaners for other connectors which you do not find in our web

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