Fibre optic networks products and structured cabling

Keynet Systems was founded in 2014 with the aim of being a specialist manufacturer and supplier of passive products for fibre optic networks, structured cabling and telecommunications rack cabinets. We offer a wide range of products to meet the installation needs of the Tertiary Sector, ICT, Gpon Operators, Wimax, Data Centres and Security.

We develop customised products for our customers and we have our own fibre optic laboratory where we manufacture special fibre patch cords and inner.

Our products are of the highest quality as some of our certifications warranties: Force/Delta, 3P, GHMT, SGS and TÜV among others.

Optical fibre

SM and MM fibre cables constructed in loose, tight, riser or flexible blown fibre. Sheaths for use inside buildings with high levels of CPR B2ca or outdoors for installation in facades, ducts, buried direct to ground (burial), blown and aerial.

Structured cabling networks

Complete solutions of cable, patch cords, keystones and panels in Category 5e, 6, 6A.  Certified by independent laboratories. We offer a 25 year guarantee for documented installations carried out by certified installation companies. Category 7A and Cat8 cables for data centres.


Keynet Systems offers an excellent range of indoor floor and wall racks in multiple configurations with glass, solid and perforated doors as well as numerous accessories. This product line is complemented by outdoor rack cabinets with or without thermal insulation and soundproof racks.

ODFs / Data Centers

Keynet’s high-density solutions are high-performance, versatile and easily scalable. They combine fusion or cassettes, SC, LC and MPO/MTP connectivity, Keystones, and other elements. We also manufacture racks for servers with high static load capacity and trays for routing fibres in data centres.

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Why choose us?

Knowledge and experience

We have been in the sector since 2004, which gives us a wide experience in the sector to provide quick and professional advice.

Quality products

In order to offer the highest quality to our customers we are committed to comply with the high quality standards of international and European.

Customised solution

We have the capacity to design and manufacture products adapted to the needs of our customers.

Pricing Policy

We are aware of the importance of offering quality products at competitive prices, and this is our commercial policy.

Certificates and warranties

Since our beginnings and in order to offer the highest quality to our customers, we have acquired the commitment to comply with the high quality standards of international and European regulations endorsed by Force/Delta, 3P, GHMT, SGS and TÜV Certifications among others.

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