High density ODFK series for data centres

High density ODFK series for data centres

More than half of the energy consumption of a data centre is related to the cooling of the data centre.

Optimising consumption is directly related to optimising the volume to be cooled. For this reason, the market is tending towards more compact equipment, with the greatest number of connections in the smallest possible space.

However, when designing a data centre, we must not forget the fundamental aspect of versatility. A design with a high density of connections but little flexibility is of little use.

At Keynet, we have opted for totally modular systems that allow the installation of faceplates, cassettes, keystones…etc, in the same tray, optimising space and making it possible to easily make subsequent extensions or modifications.

For this reason, we have developed a wide range of trays that can accommodate up to 144 LC connectors per 19″ U rack. We also offer the complete range with MPO and MTP connectors in 12 and 24 fibres, and with any breakout or fanout hose you may require.

Versatility and space optimisation

Discover the wide range of ODFK series in Keynet’s online shop.

ODFK Series

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